What we offer


CrossFit is a way of training that combines Olympic weightlifting, athletics and gymnastics. During the training, functional movements are carried out in a varied manner in a high intensity as quickly as possible. The philosophy behind CrossFit is not to specialize in one specific sporting component because this would lead to unilateral physical development.  

CrossFit Kids & Teens

At Crossfit Hoofddorp we welcome the generation that will determine our future. Especially in the last 10 years we have seen a huge increase in technology and an increase in inactivity among today's youth. We are passionate about helping shape the future and we believe that physical activity with children and teenagers really helps to develop the mind and body.  


Yoga, strength and flexibility are essential for those who train a lot. We offer daily mobility training with a lot of attention paid to hips, back, shoulders and hamstrings.  


Many women want to keep training during pregnancy and be fit again as soon as possible after giving birth. However, pregnancy and childbirth require a lot from your body. It is therefore wise to take sufficient rest and to tackle sport responsibly during and after your pregnancy. How do you do that?  

Outdoor Training

CrossFit Hoofddorp has an Outdoor Gym in the Haarlemmermeerse Bos. In addition to the Outdoor CrossFit workouts, other trainings are also given here such as Bootcamp, Outdoor Circuit Training and Obstacle Training. So the real outdoor athlete is also very welcome to us!  

Corporate CrossFit

Motivating employees to live healthier will increase their productivity, reduce costs and thereby improve the profitability of companies. Healthier employees are (a) probably more productive due to a higher energy level and higher self-esteem, and (b) will cost the company less money due to fewer sick days, less sick leave and lower healthcare costs.  

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