& Coaching

CrossFit Hoofddorp is specialized to make you the best version of yourself. Personal training can help you achieve your personal goals faster and more efficiently. And those goals can vary a lot:


  • You want to run the (half) marathon

  • You want to train pain free (injury)

  • You want to lose fat or improve your condition

  • You want a stick behind the door

  • You want to achieve faster results and improve your technique


Your personal goals, your physical and mental condition are very important for the progress. The personal trainer creates a program with you that is perfectly tailored to your body.


At CrossFit Hoofddorp, PhysIQ Personal Training & Coaching is available to provide you with the best advice to train efficiently and in a controlled way.


Move safer, move stronger, move faster!


If you want more information or want to request a personal training, please call 020-210 1300 or fill in the contact form.

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